Quordle Game

Quordle Game

After the huge success of the wordle game, a lot of different versions of the game appeared on the internet. Some of them had a bit different gameplay, while others had some new rules. Then appeared the Quordle Game - one of the best remakes of the original game which is played by thousands of people all around the world. In my opinion, Quordle is for those who are bored guessing only one hidden word and need to try to new challenges. Despite the fact that the game has absolutely different gameplay, the basic rules are still the same - you have to guess the hidden words.

How to play Quordle ?

In this game you have to find 4 hidden words at the same time and you have 9 tries to complete this quest. You should type in the 5-letter words which will be higlighted in different colors. Keep in mind that when you type a word it is placed into 4 boxes and the colors of the letters in each table will differ. Let me give you clues how to use those colors to find the hidden words :
If the color of the letter is Gray - the letter is not used in the target word.
If the color of the letter is Yellow - the letter is in the target word, but it is in the wrong position.
If the color of the letter is Green - the letter is in the right place.

Using this clues you can find the hidden words but keep in mind that the game is difficult and requires some practice. I love this game because it brings a lot of fun while learning something new. Among the educational games, Quordle game is one of the best solution for both kids and grown-ups.

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